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girl could get lost tonight

American Idol Season 6 (2 eliminated)

They are down to four now, y'all! Three weeks until the finale.

Considering AI didn't eliminate anyone last week because of charity, they switched the person going home last week to this week, I guess. It's two guys & there's only one left. So, who went home?

Chris Richardson (Yes, Julia, JT) & Phil Stacey (Umm .. dude who is in love with his wife since high school).

I was so scared Jordin was going to go home tonight, but luckily she didn't, cause she is my favorite & has this big voice. So now it's down to Lakisha, Melinda, Blake, & Jordin. Funny enough, that could be in order from 4 - 1 xD

HAHA & this must be my favorite ford video of them - they were in a circus like, & Blake's like looking P!@TD & it was funny cause some kids were talking about how 'this is not an audition for P!@TD & also I was all, 'I could imagine him wearing black eyeliner with that darker hair he has now' & seriously .. he looked exactly like someone for P!@TD in the commercial, HAHAHAHA. It was hilarious.

Not to mention, last night performance, he was ROCKING IT. He was amazing. I love him. Beat-boxing & all.

OH since it was bon jovi night - it was odd - tonight they had everyone up on their seats for him when he performed, but it wasn't even a ROCK OUT, DANCE song, it was slow and calm .. & I was like, right .. AI is weird, sometimes.

BUT I'M GOING TO MISS CAKE (rotfl, blake/chris) wow. I stuck with that name, everyone's calling them that. They showed how close they were on stage. They are like dorky best friends LIKE CORY AND SHAWN FROM BOY MEETS WORLD, AWWW ♥ xD lol.

Next week is boogie night (edit: oops, i heard wrong - it's bee gees) - hah, can't they think of better themes?
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