girl could get lost tonight (applelipgl0ss) wrote in tellytalk,
girl could get lost tonight

American Idol Results Show

Three more lefffft!

LaKisha's gone. My mom ruined for me during the middle of the show, which reminds me to not be watching AI on Wednesday nights in her room, where she was behind me on her laptop, screaming & shouting who's gone. Thanks for ruining the surprise. >[

But I'm glad it's LaKisha. I knew it was her anyway. Three left. Who's next to leave? I'm hoping it's Melinda, lol. Sorry, she didn't need to win to have a career. Leave it up to Jordin and Blake. Jake. xD

Though, if it was Melinda & Jordin who were going to be the top 2 .. hahahaha .. a hint would be, "IT'S A GIRL!"
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