girl could get lost tonight (applelipgl0ss) wrote in tellytalk,
girl could get lost tonight


Man. I am so happy I watched the pilot that aired tonight. I've been wanting to watch it since I've missed it the first time. :[

KDAGJKLDAJFLKAF. Man, It was so captivating. Everyone's getting to know each other. I mean, there you see a bit of who's who. What's going on, like an intro. Already they got Betty humiliating herself filling in for a fit model when it just looks really wrong for her. That one scene had me in tears. I'd definitely be in her position if I was Betty. Everyone makes fun of her, they give her this look, except for this one fashion designer & two others of her friends, which made me smile. Christina, that's her name. Even though they're like older than her, they're nice & it's pretty sweet. I hope the following week they'll show the second episode cause next week's the spelling bee thing.
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