girl could get lost tonight (applelipgl0ss) wrote in tellytalk,
girl could get lost tonight

Lincoln Heights

Okay. The second season started tonight. I have seen exactly three episodes (Including tonight's). I honestly don't think I'd watch it anymore.

It's just that there's a bunch of intensity in one freakin episode (mainly violence & whatnot) after another. It's a good show, but I think they should tone down the intensity. For something like, say, Lost - that's okay - it's like a cliffhanger waiting until the next episode - Lincoln Heights? They start & end with 'everybody's happy again'. IDK, it's weird. I guess I like shows that leave cliffhangers. But all in all, I think I have enough inspiration from this show xD

I didn't know that there's an actual Lincoln Heights until when I first rode the MetroRail train through Pasadena .. & it's right after the stop through Chinatown station. To be honest, they make Lincoln Heights (in the show), almost like the city I live in ;x but so much worse, hahahahaha.

So, yeah. :]
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