girl could get lost tonight (applelipgl0ss) wrote in tellytalk,
girl could get lost tonight

Chuck (1x02)

Sarah is working as a fast food worker in a cute outfit that had young boys go over there just to watch her bum, lmao. Casey & Sarah tell Chuck their differences; either one of them is the bad guy, when they realized the DR who they thought was good, was actually the bad. Then Chuck was supposed to stay in the car while Casey tried to save her; so instead Chuck did instead ; when Sarah & Casey did find their way out of it & Chuck was almost taken .. when he was shot with a needle gun of poison, his ID card on his left chest had it from his chest. Basically, he wasn't exactly hurt. LOL.

Chuck hurt the DR & shot the pilot &so he freaked out over flying a helicopter. Sarah told him to drive it like for a video game. &&&&&&&& then, Sarah yelled at him for being in an unfortunate situation.

Since Chuck's sister/boyfriend & his best friend thought Sarah was Chuck's gf, they had to pretend that they were an actual couple. In the end he had to apologize with cute words, lmao.
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