girl could get lost tonight (applelipgl0ss) wrote in tellytalk,
girl could get lost tonight

Jonas Brothers on 2007 American Music Awards

They performed S.O.S. They had people in the audience up on their feet. In the beginning when Jordin Sparks introduced them (♥ ; props to her for speaking louder, lol) their actual fans ran down two aisle screaming like CRAAZY to the stage. There were three glass barriers before them with their logo on them. They break & the boys go over it. There was (l-r) Nick, Joe, & Kevin. Joe trips when they go over the broken glass, but recovers quickly like a trooper.

Everyone notices Joe's bleeding hand, hence why he couldn't touch any hands tonight. At the end, two girls gets on stage & were all over Joe. But I didn't see this on TV (cause it's obviously not live). They go over to Nick & Big Rob (their bodyguard) goes on stage & brings them backstage.

The fans are then brought backstage after & that was the end of it, LOL. Wow. Awesome performance. It goes to show the boys are so famous now.
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