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girl could get lost tonight

Grey's Anatomy: Season 3 Episode I don't know, sorry :/ & Ugly Betty: Season 1

But there are two epis of Grey's left & it seemed so short! & I obviously haven't been watching, lol. I know I suck. Same with Ugly Betty! Anyway.

It was two hrs tonight, & at the same time I had no idea what was going on, I'm so out of the loop. I thought it was really good tonight - two different stories in different places. I loved Cristina's "Freakin stupid cotton candy colored bridesmaids". HAHAHAHA. Love her ♥ & the whole .. ugh George/Izzie thing, wow. AND MEREDITH'S step-mom dies with her dad slapping her? What? I didn't understand that. :/ See, I'm out of the loop.

& Haha, Addison going to California to Oceanside .. Dell is hot - the young receptionist with a hoooot bod. I like the characters though. It's odd. & Naomi .. I've seen her before - she was in Summerland. xD With .. lol, JMAC. So yeah. I thought that was interesting. They had to deal with who slept with who people. That was insane. It is a bit funny, though. I was still confused with it all.

But all in all, it was a good epi! I didn't like Meredith pushing Derek away like that & also, Alex is living with Izzie & Mer now? What? Hah, I am still out of the loop :[

Eeeeee, I liked this one & I only watched it bc I was downstairs the whole time, waiting for Grey's. But I love this show too though. Henry said ILY to Betty & it was so cute. But he left her with his current gf, but Henry does like Betty, for sure. Rawr. & I loved how Betty stood up for herself after stupid workmate made fun of her. It reminded me of my HS experience when people made fun of my geekiness/dorkiness/etc. Go Betty ♥ Everything else? Rawr at the bad/Yay at the good!

Oh, & I swear I saw the guy who plays Daniel Meade @ Idol Gives Back - he was sitting 5 seats away from me & looks really hot in person. I mean, I was staring at him & all, & he probably thought I was an asian version of Ugly Betty or something, but I don't know why I'm saying that, but AHH it's bugging me.
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