girl could get lost tonight (applelipgl0ss) wrote in tellytalk,
girl could get lost tonight

Ugly Betty (2x01), Grey's Anatomy (4x01), Chuck (1x01), Gossip Girl (1x02)

Ugly Betty
I still need to watch the rest of season one, but I did watch the last episode last time. Poor Betty being stressed out. OMG Amanda's like fattening herself with chocolate, & it sadly reminds me of me. :[ She found out her parents adopted her, when Christina (the seamstress) is her real mother. Gaaasp. & throughout the whole episode, Hilda's in bed with her fiance, which had us all thinking that he's still alive with a wounded stomach; but in they end, Hilday's in the dark, in bed, crying her eyes out :[

Justin, Hilda's son is now helping with Betty in Mode. Alexis is in a coma, but woke up as Alex, how he was before. Hmm, what else? Instead of taking too much to drink, Betty went cheese fries! That was hilarious.

Wil & Bradford's Wife are like ..idk how they do. lol. I wasn't interested in their plotline, but it is really intense.

& Bradford might be Amanda's daddy? Gaasp.

I can't wait for next week's episode. Henry came back in the end of the episode, but he hasn't been seen by Betty. She and Daniel buried Henry/Betty & his pills & to start over new.

Grey's Anatomy
I just always wonder how if they ever run out of problems in the hospital, bc seriously.. it' amazing. It's creativity. I mean, from all the surgeries, dilemmas, & such, I won't think I'd ever keep up with that much ideas.

Poor George back in interning. Callie up on Alex's ass. Bailey speechless & should have been cheif resident. Poor Callie though. ♥. Izzie & Bambi! ♥. Meredith & Derek breaking up?! :[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[ NO. Meredith finding out about Lexi. Ahhh. George & Izzieee?

Ah, next week's preview. KLJDALGKHDJAF. OMGGGGG. "That was the best break up I ever had." LMFAO, why don't you just stay together then?


Definitely TV night on Thursday ♥

So a cute geek gets a haunting email with every single secret from the FBI & CIA agency. They were going to kill him, until Chuck told them that he knows things. Then in the end, they (the hottie & the other cia agent) are both undercover at his store where he works, watching out for him. :] It's intriguing, you know? I hope he gets with the hottie, bc they work. And Chuck reminds me of an older Seth Cohen.

Gossip Girl
I lost interest last night. I did expect more from it, but it just doesn't do well for me. It's predictable, it's not my kind of show (although I have a private school mcfic in my head, ack) .. I mean, they're all good actors, but I seriously think the show isn't for them. If it was a different show, with a different plotline, but the same love interest, it would be much better. I think it'd probably be best if the show stayed as a book.
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